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Catiboaba Village

| March 30, 2018

For this adaptation of the culture it was possible to modify the regional space, as well as to modify the partner-ambient way. Therefore, many people of varied origins, attracted by the Magnesita, had resulted in new forms to think and of living. They can until being separate for immense social distances and of chance of […]


| March 30, 2018

However, Bentes emphasizes that: The process of esvaziamento of the economy led to the concentration of a mass of unemployeds to the edges of igaraps that the port and the market tangenciam, areas that had been rejected for the inhabitants of high income. The saturation of the available areas to the residential nesting in the […]

State Course

| March 24, 2018

The Course Technician in Agroecologia possesss Average Ensino Integrated or being After-Medium, in modality special Technician, having as prerequisite Ensino Fundamental (UFPR). So that the Course happens the course in one determined region it has that to have projects, and these must be approved by the INCRA, for then to be set free the resources. […]

Bernardine Priest

| March 21, 2018

How public politics in the attempt to solve the problem structural of the Entorno and as politics of management of territories was created the Integrated Net of Development of the District Federal and Entorno? YOU LAUGH for the complementary law n 94 of 19 of February of 1998, have in its Article 3 as main […]


| March 18, 2018

The use of mobile Internet is widespread with the expansion of GPS systems to locate the user’s position and to furnish information on promotions, according to the region where it has already bought their preferences. This, according to Raul de la Parra Lucido, vice president of Strategic Planning of Ericsson. Lucido believes that the third […]

Black Sea

| March 16, 2018

Booking a tour to rest Gelendzhik, please call or e-mail contact with our manager. Rest in Gelendzhik – affordable for everyone! Rest in Gelendzhik is a rare beauty of the bay, the streets, buried in verdure Pitsundsky pine trees, beautiful beaches and clean air. On vacation in Gelendzhik going to enjoy the wonderful nature, swim […]

Europe Water

| March 13, 2018

After to have been ece of fishes in practical all the solutions of prevention and all the measures of economy and efficient use of the water, will be possible to consider the infrastructure creation add of water supply. This solution must strict be fit, in order to privilege the alternative measures of water saving, of […]

Public Defense

| March 10, 2018

Currently the attendance is carried through to the afternoon, having the passwords delivers to the eleven hours of the morning, to be taken care of in the first attendance and it does not stop speaking directly with the counsels for indigents. In this first attendance it is received password so that the people have legal […]

Blumen Web

| March 8, 2018

Uptrends checked 20 Web pages of online flower shops for Valentine’s day. The webshop under great pressure to the part and have long loading times. Dusseldorf, 16.02.2012 – Uptrends has in the period between 13.02, 12:00 h and 14.02, checked 12:00 h, the Web pages load times of 20 online flower shops from the perspective […]


| March 6, 2018

Feedback of the intervention process, as well as the beginning of the next cycle to management of the organizacional climate starts for the response of the research. The new diagnosis will allow to evaluate if the implemented actions had produced the changes waited in the environment, having made possible to inquire if really it unsatisfactoryly […]

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