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Czech Republic

| October 13, 2019

Services operate seven days a week and provide quality service in the shortest possible time. Gasoline and diesel fuel in the Czech Republic excellent quality and the average price of a liter of fuel amounts to one euro. On average in Western Europe the cost of gasoline and naphtha is just an average one and […]

Czech Republic

| October 12, 2019

A life in the Czech Republic beautiful! Considering the question of language learning Czech Republic we can say with unequivocal certainty that the Czech language Russian is given is simple enough. Most immigrants in the Czech Republic take a few initial lessons language teachers, and further improve the level of their own. For independent study […]

Giovanni Levi

| September 11, 2019

Beyond the revelation of aspects previously not observed, Levi detaches as beddings of micron-history: the description most realistic of the human behavior; the social action as fruit of the negotiation, individual manipulation, choices and decisions; the breaches and contradictions of the normative systems that make possible edges for the freedom of the individuals; the distinction […]

Great Campina Industry

| June 11, 2019

Campina Great e, for consequence the state, saw to restrict its importance as important coureiro polar region from years 80 of century XX, effect this that only made with that it entered in century XXI with reduced degree of importance in the sector, keeping in small activity some average units that operate much more in […]

Charles Darwin

| February 28, 2018

Eraapenas plus an animal, amongst the millions of existing species in the world. Quechegou the current configuration of the species, had to the slow process and gradual deadaptao and evolution; that she originated species human being Homo Sapiens. 17 Darwin nocaptulo 3, of the workmanship pontua that, the such differences of autonomy, autoconscincia between men […]

Available Time

| February 22, 2017

– Available Time for the accomplishment of the research work. In the choice of the subject we have that to take in consideration the amount of activities that we will have that to fulfill to execute the work and mediz it with the time of the works that we have that to fulfill in our […]

The Beneficiary

| August 22, 2013

Occurred or perfected the taxable and born, consequently, the tax obligation shall be: 1. in the sale of personal property: to) in cases of sales to public entities, where authorized the issuance of the corresponding payment order. Omissis 3. In the provision of services: omissis c) in the case of services provided to entities public, […]

Rio De Janeiro

| December 18, 2012

Another aspect to detach is that such changes can lead to the overcoming of the understanding of the document as test of the Real, stops to understand it as appeared document, as starting point of making description in the classroom. This can help the pupil to develop the critical spirit, to reduce the intervention of […]

Encyclopedia Portuguesa

| November 20, 2012

This vitral composed is based on the prophecy of Isaiah in the Old Will that says: ‘ ‘ one will sprout breaks of the trunk of Jess, and of its roots one I renew frutificar’ ‘ also of the stories of the evangelhos of Mateus and Lucas that tell the generations of the descent of […]

Kazan City

| April 19, 2012

Kazan – the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, one of the largest and most beautiful cities of Russia, included in the list of world heritage cities by UNESCO. Old Kazan – a city center. There are beautiful buildings, built in various architectural styles. Art Nouveau mansions coexist with baroque monuments. Emanates from the antiquity […]

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