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Ponzi Business

| August 29, 2018

Direct sales, are often a business model. In this model, a person is associated with a parent as an independent company or franchisee and receive compensation based on the sale or consumption products and personal services and other members associated with that person. This model of distribution of products has grown in relevance during the […]

Group Lessons

| August 23, 2018

Analysis of pros and cons of Einzeunterricht groups.To take tutoring, tutoring service has many reasons for students or their parents. Bad grades, pending investigations, missed lessons (E.g. WG.) Disease, alien, schools etc.) and understanding problems cause additional promotion in school teaching as well the desire, to get as the destination to be able to keep […]

Internet Group

| August 18, 2018

-Men with acne in the region of the beard must prove the electric shaver or razor blades to see which is the most convenient. If you use leaves razor soften beard with shaving foam and water warm. Shaving should be very soft for carving not beads, in addition the blade should be as sharp as […]

IQ Professional Institute

| August 8, 2018

IT was IQ with the participation of scientists of from various universities, developed and validated Hurth, February 28, 2012 – the world’s first professionally-oriented intelligence test IQ professionals has developed Institute for the science with the participation of scientists of from various universities. The IT IQ methodology is based on the traditional intelligence tests and […]


| August 7, 2018

In this respect, mobile working is similar to in his optical image more and more use of consumer technologies. Private laptops must be no longer taboo: according to a recently collected IDC study, 79 percent of the German CIO believes that employee morale is influenced positively if the information worker in the company may use […]

San Diego Research

| August 2, 2018

Large security gaps in Messenger apps like WhatsApp the independent Vienna research SBA research has discovered massive security gaps in current Messenger apps like whats app in a comparison test. So could the researchers take over not only the account and send free SMS from the server by WhatsApp. The same thing was possible also […]

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