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European Man

| January 26, 2015

E more, is knowing that it can choose until the queesto living as other men. Such things bring to tona the nonsense against anatureza that are the laws that foresee the allegiance conjugal as only posturaadmissvel in the marriage as if the man was who determined the suaspaixes. As in the case of stories of […]


| January 24, 2015

Not all values are included in the gold, all virtues are understood in simplicity.Tomas Carrasquilla the dynamics of modern business demands that management carries out its tasks in an effective, proactive manner, where the Secretariat plays a role, very important collaboration in their achievement. The Secretariat at present must have a number of requirements, features […]

Blade Runner

| January 22, 2015

Analyzing the films Blade Runner, of Ridley Scott and Asas of the desire, of Wim Wenders, the exemplifica author very of the characteristics of the one after-modernismo, beyond giving a particular attention to the conceptualization and to meanings of the time and the space. Blade Runner counts to the history of a small group of […]

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