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Havanese Available

| July 18, 2019

Cuban whirlwind – a guide for living with the Havanese manual release: Cuban whirlwind – charming small dogs, which can complement each family due to their patient, amiable nature are a guide for living with the Havanese Havanese. Ideally suited for beginner dog – provided, one is ready to deal intensively with their sometimes elaborate […]

Frankfurt Book Fair

| July 12, 2018

Warner Bros. The S. drew today consumer products of Fischer publishers at the Frankfurt book fair with the bugs bunny Award for product & commercial excellence from today drew Warner Bros. Consumer products the S. Fischer publishers Award for PRODUCT & COMMERCIAL EXCELLENCE 2013 out. “” Since August 2012 the Publishing House published successfully first […]

New Released:

| June 2, 2014

‘Mobile life’: book gives guidance on the selection of the correct mobile device by traveling send emails, surf the Internet and work on documents? Maybe even navigate, play, and read E-books? All this is possible today and even without much effort. The numerous possibilities to be able to act to be more accessible for friends […]

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