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All about technology, architecture, and providers of the latest generation of House. On the way the much-discussed energy turn the construction industry contributes to their part with Plusenergiehausern. Even the Federal Government has built one in Berlin. Because these houses produce more energy than they consume their inhabitants, an excess of clean produced energy, which can be used for example, for the operation of E-Mobils arises. Now learn how it works, who builds Plusenergiehauser, what they look like and how it is to live in it in the special issue of “Plusenergiehauser”, which was released yesterday on the “day of German Fertigbaus”. The last few months have the first provider of houses in the program who meet the plus energy House standard.

Many vendors build Plusenergiehauser, including especially prefabricated houses, but also Massivhaus companies in this country. They’re in the Bauhaus style, with classic saddle roof and in many different forms and styles. Technically all houses have only one thing in common: a photovoltaic system on the roof. But what is actually for technology in Plusenergiehausern? The special issue provides detailed explanations in the glossary. The operation of a heat pump is made as vividly as the differences between poly – and Mono-crystalline photovoltaic modules or the principle of fresh air heating. Another issue are current E-mobile, whose operating life in the plus energy House represents the icing on the cake. Which models for your requirements that are right have we seen around us. Last but not least, Plusenergiehauser be also encouraged and funded.

By whom and on what terms, have we compiled for you. To the history of Plusenergiehausern and its prospects for the future, leaders of the House-building industry also expressed in guest articles and interviews. Also solar roof designs and innovative household appliances must not be missed. Fully informative, interesting in detail, without losing in sight of the great and all the special “Plusenergiehauser” offers all builders and homeowners all the important facts (and a variety of beautiful images) on the subject.

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