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United Nations

| November 13, 2021

‘ ‘ Soon I perceived that this age a fallacious reasoning, therefore the dynamics of the world-wide economy operates in the direction to concentrate the income, excluding from the benefits of the development the great majority of the humanity. To go to the deep one of this problem, one becomes necessary to catch the nature […]

Science Knowledge

| November 9, 2020

The city not only passes to be understood as a geographic content, an object to discipline, but as an object of personal experience and education. Such change of approach demands alteration of depth in relation to the form of if conceiving the pertaining to school resume and the practical professor, despite they are processes of […]

Catiboaba Village

| March 30, 2018

For this adaptation of the culture it was possible to modify the regional space, as well as to modify the partner-ambient way. Therefore, many people of varied origins, attracted by the Magnesita, had resulted in new forms to think and of living. They can until being separate for immense social distances and of chance of […]

Europe Water

| March 13, 2018

After to have been ece of fishes in practical all the solutions of prevention and all the measures of economy and efficient use of the water, will be possible to consider the infrastructure creation add of water supply. This solution must strict be fit, in order to privilege the alternative measures of water saving, of […]

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