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Europe Water

After to have been ece of fishes in practical all the solutions of prevention and all the measures of economy and efficient use of the water, will be possible to consider the infrastructure creation add of water supply. This solution must strict be fit, in order to privilege the alternative measures of water saving, of to minimize in the possible measure do the impact on the environment (for example, through the storage or of the shunting line of water masses or of the creation of dessalinizao installations) and to assure the compatibility of these measures with the other ambient and energy priorities of the UE. The losses and wastefulnesses could, moreover, be reduced through the resource the practical technologies and with good hdrica efficiency. To this intention, the Commission nominated praises the elaboration of norms for the devices that use water, in special for agricultural ends, the study of the development of specific legislation for the not consuming products of energy, but consuming of water, the inclusion of criteria of hdrica efficiency in the relative norms to the products and buildings, the incentive to the inquiry, the analysis of the possibility to create a performance pointer on the water use or, still, the celebration of voluntary agreements with the sectors that use water in its processes of production. It is in this direction that Tereza Urban points that ' ' The still available water in the planet is converted into the blue gold of century XXI because, in the current model of consumption, this element already is not enough. She is necessary to treat it as merchandise, regulating its uso' ' (URBAN 2004, p.107). The economic consumers and operators must also be implied, in order to promote the emergency of a culture of water saving in the Europe. He is for this reason that must be foreseen certain measures destined in such a way to inform and to make responsible the consumers as the operators, nominated the launching of an initiative co-ordinated on the efficient use of the water for the companies with commitments in the domain of its social responsibility, the integration of relative rules to the management of the water in the systems of guarantee of quality and of certification, the extension of the communitarian systems of rotulagem, as well as the support, to the national scale, the educative programs, the services of consultoria, the interchange of good practical and the campaigns of communication that happen in the water availability.

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