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Bundeswehr In Georgia

| April 16, 2023

Bundeswehr soldier in Georgia published book Herbert R. Bauer, born in 1959, married, 2 children, served for 29 years as Bundeswehr soldier in Germany, Afghanistan and the Caucasus. Since 1994, he is closely related to the UNOMIG (United Nations Observer Mission in Georgia) connected. As a physician in crisis regions, it needs not only competence […]

Berlin Comitas

| June 29, 2022

“‘ It’s not your fault that the world is as it is, it would be only your fault if it stays that way!” Are the virtues of our members of staff, hospitality, tolerance, and mutual respect. Here, people of from different countries and cultures to be brought together. This one logs on just on […]

Mr Steinbruck

| November 7, 2021

Debt will make perhaps no longer the resources and reserves be possible if the speculator out of sight has gotten himself, because he has. If a new crisis, which is recorded already by various economists and economists and also Mr Steinbruck comes to fruition, certainly also the banks will collapse again and this time may […]

Tierschutzverein Nienburg

| October 9, 2020

We show you a look behind the scenes of the brutal reality of the rabbit production in the industrial factory farming and uncover such as trading companies and lobbyists cruelty behind try to hide a shiny facade “, as Ingo Schulz, spokesman of the Alliance.” Industrialization did not stop before the rabbit attitude: on wire […]

Japanese Homes

| September 16, 2018

Japan a year later, still no life in sight is desire for return to normalcy a year after the disaster for many Japanese. You miss not only her personal belongings and goods, but also everyday utensils and an environment that is not constantly reminds of the devastation. These people need help, because however, a country […]

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