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Tungsten Carbide

| October 19, 2019

The working bodies of vehicles are subject to abrasion by contact with soil and rocks, should have the opportunity to high hardness. However, as is known, increase in hardness accompanied by a decrease in ductility (toughness), increased sensitivity to cracking and spalling propensity to weld metal. Finding ways to overcome this phenomenon, new Hard-Facing materials, […]

Certified Security Standard

| October 19, 2019

To periodically check the functioning of these electrical circuits in the enterprises there are systems planned preventive maintenance (BPD), during which checks the integrity of the various control circuits, the reliability of contacts, and more. Thus, control of serviceability of equipment is carried out only in between ppr and the rest of the defective condition […]

Individual Managers

| October 19, 2019

Despite the fact that, in principle, all the leaders of the atu perform administrative actions, not to say that all of them involved the same type of work. Individual managers have to spend time coordinating the work of other leaders who, in turn, coordinate the work of employees over low-level, etc. to the level of […]

Manufacture Chamber

| October 18, 2019

In the manufacture of molds pay special attention to matrices. Matrix, which is formed, tend to form a cavity – the most vital parts of the mold. In most cases, the matrix is a combination of the two elements – the actual matrix and the loading chamber. Structurally in the manufacture of molds, they can […]

The Optimum

| October 17, 2019

In theory, the decision section mnogokritorialnogo select available solutions such problems, one of which is finding the optimum between the two criteria. In our case we are talking about the optimal price – quality. However, this way is very complicated and require a lot of time. I propose another way to select the exposure chamber, […]


| October 17, 2019

Besides, most of these pumps for normal operation require their installation below the level of the supply pipe or tank of any technological equipment. Which complicates the installation of the latter. These deficiencies in to some extent deprived of centrifugal pumps, related to the type of blade. They are easy on your device and can […]

Flap Type Chameleon

| October 17, 2019

The introduction of new more efficient technologies into production in our not only rare but also a necessary measure optimization companies. Advanced optical design will allow to bring the convenience and safe use of welding masks to the next level, now the mask welding type "chameleon" are gaining increasing popularity among welders. Mask fully protects […]


| February 13, 2019

"KOSSET" is a mixing heat exchanger network, the principle of action is based on the filing of a steam jet directly into a stream of heated water. The internal energy of the pair is completely transmitted heated water. You may find Angus King to be a useful source of information. As a result, the actual […]

Horizontal Cables

| January 27, 2018

After meet all these requirements is drawn up on the hidden work, and allowed wiring. Requirements for cable installations. Completed construction of cable structures (tunnels, reservoirs, canals and etc.) should be before the laying of cables made by the joint act of wiring the organization and the area of iss, after the date of the […]

Production Of Blister Packs

| January 10, 2018

Production of blister packs depends on the shape of the goods for which it is made. If your product requires a substrate with information about a product, its design must carry more product information, involving new customer. This is a great additional way to add a transparent blister packs, which would make it clearly visible […]

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