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Unpopular LAPS 2009

| May 22, 2024

20 th Latin American Oil and Gas Exhibition 2009 laps finished its work. No fanfare, no high-profile deals, as it did in previous years, and all because of the nationalization of the oil service companies operating in the country and formed the backbone of the participants in this exhibition. One of the most prominent in […]

How To Start A Powder Coating ?

| August 6, 2022

Powder coating is applied to large industrial enterprises and small household jobs. With powder coating is a durable coating for internal surfaces of pipelines and other systems prone to destructive external influences. At the same time, powder coating – the easiest and cheapest way to change the color of motor drives. How does one technology […]

Air Conditioning

| October 19, 2020

Achieve such performance was not only due to inverter control, but also some other innovations. Thus, a particular form of fan blades, air-conditioning helps to save up to 2% of energy. Vadim Belyaev, New York City may find it difficult to be quoted properly. That the resource cost of modern devices has considerable reserves, and […]

Domestic Wire

| October 31, 2019

The most common kind – undersized rope, intended mainly for the domestic home environment. Although if you are faced with a strong blockage, you probably need a spring tether, made from steel cable that is better suited for such a case, as endowed with high rigidity. Widely distributed this type of cable, Cator 'flexible shaft'. […]

Chinese Equipment

| October 29, 2019

Among the list of equipment to create a product for packing should designate two most important production – an extruder and pelletizer. Their work depends on quality, a lot: the quality of packaging and its characteristics and life service and environmental cleanliness. That the product purchased, require quality packaging. After a lot of people focusing […]

Compressor Piston

| October 28, 2019

Among the most important parameters of a compressor piston include performance, power indicator and power consumption of the compressor. The compressor piston. Distinguish the bulk efficiency – volumetric flow of gas at the outlet of the compressor and the mass efficiency – mass flow of gas at the output of piston compressors. Volumetric and mass […]

Tungsten Carbide

| October 19, 2019

The working bodies of vehicles are subject to abrasion by contact with soil and rocks, should have the opportunity to high hardness. However, as is known, increase in hardness accompanied by a decrease in ductility (toughness), increased sensitivity to cracking and spalling propensity to weld metal. Finding ways to overcome this phenomenon, new Hard-Facing materials, […]

Individual Managers

| October 19, 2019

Despite the fact that, in principle, all the leaders of the atu perform administrative actions, not to say that all of them involved the same type of work. Individual managers have to spend time coordinating the work of other leaders who, in turn, coordinate the work of employees over low-level, etc. to the level of […]

The Optimum

| October 17, 2019

In theory, the decision section mnogokritorialnogo select available solutions such problems, one of which is finding the optimum between the two criteria. In our case we are talking about the optimal price – quality. However, this way is very complicated and require a lot of time. I propose another way to select the exposure chamber, […]

Horizontal Cables

| January 27, 2018

After meet all these requirements is drawn up on the hidden work, and allowed wiring. Requirements for cable installations. Completed construction of cable structures (tunnels, reservoirs, canals and etc.) should be before the laying of cables made by the joint act of wiring the organization and the area of iss, after the date of the […]

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