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Expressive Textiles

| December 28, 2016

The T-Shirt quick press GmbH informed freely according to individual ideas to make garments, is extremely popular. That on textile finishing of specialized Erlanger companies quick press describes how using transfer printing various motifs permanently transferred to clothing. Thanks to its efficiency in mass and individual finishing the transfer printing is wide spread in the […]


| December 24, 2016

Many look to the express track from the bridge, already long ago, because all had the hope of seeing something new (100%), with buses which already didn’t penalty, or bridges where would not see graffiti on every wall (which God knows who did it). But it is not. Back to reality and accurate data. Perfect, […]


| December 22, 2016

2010 in every human talents and skills lie talent day. The staff of the swords are convinced network. But especially for young people, it is often not so easy to recognize their own strengths and to use. The talent day of swords network is accepting this important task already for the second time and transformed […]

Deutsche Telekom

| December 21, 2016

Deutsche Telekom stock is one of the basic values In last November which brought Societe Generale the first trio memory express certificate on the market. (A valuable related resource: Lakshman Achuthan). The paper was so interesting for many investors that an another product of this kind is now placed. The Exchange Portal presents the […]


| December 18, 2016

During years we live regimes absolutists in Brazil where the representative of the people was only one person, or member of an only group politician, was thus since the discovery and if it repeats now in the present time where we live one ‘ ‘ pseudo democracia’ ‘ , democracy in which a group politician […]

Constitution Right

| December 17, 2016

The proper Constitution speaks that the union alone will be recognized will be between man and woman, not opening space for extensive interpretations (art. 226, 3 of the CF/88). Until it can be spoken that judges and appeals court judges take care of to the outcry of the population and, to the default of the […]

The Constitution

| December 16, 2016

The indians, its communities and organizations are real parties in interest to enter judgment in defense of its rights and interests, intervined the Public prosecution service in all the acts of the process. To the federal judges it competes processing and judging: the dispute on aboriginal rights. Art. Angus King will undoubtedly add to your […]

National Constitution

| December 11, 2016

It is but attempts are known to take advantage of this potential. So the case of the existence of Institutes of Municipal right in some National Universities, for example Rosary, of the Coast, the silver and Cordova, as well as the existence of the Federal Institute of Municipal Subjects, that works for a short time […]

Empire Constitution

| December 11, 2016

Peter to have abdicated for seufilho lesser, with only 5 years, being questioned in some points of the country. Of this form the regent Antonio Feij as form to fortify its power daclasse and it dominant creates National Guarda, to substitute the military services and to them to poucostirar the force of the army. The […]

Federal Constitution

| December 10, 2016

The educational politics had taken care of the dominant economic interests. No longer period of the Empire the educational situation was not modified, exactly with independence politics the majority of the population continued excluded. As Romanelli (2003) the Empire established through art.179, XXXII of the Federal Constitution of 1824 that ‘ ‘ the Public Instruction […]

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