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Framed Door

| March 31, 2014

These boards are made of designed for cutting wood and wood waste. Chipboard (particleboard) is made from chips, mixed with a binder material for synthetic resins. The panels of uniform thickness are obtained by pressing and sintering. Plywood is made of many sheets of wood of various thicknesses. The sheets are glued to each other […]


| March 24, 2014

In3capital bet on renewable energy as one of the best sectors to invest, and results last year recorded an exponential increase, despite the crisis. This situation lies in a global change in the use of resources, and the question from many leaders about a change in the energy model, which looks like fossil fuels lose […]

Grohe Faucets

| March 17, 2014

When talking about bathroom fixtures, most think first about good look and design. But with the beautiful appearance of the task of a good bathroom fitting is far from settled. Therefore, we shall pay particular in the known fittings manufacturer Grohe taps “on top quality. Well-made bathroom fixtures to keep the noise low. If water […]

Speech Creator

| March 1, 2014

In accordance with the author (1983), the citizen is determined by two esquecimentos: in the first esquecimento, the citizen has the illusion of being the unconditional creator of its speech, destroying everything that it sends to the exterior of its discursiva formation; in as, it nourishes the illusion of that everything what it says has […]

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