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In3capital bet on renewable energy as one of the best sectors to invest, and results last year recorded an exponential increase, despite the crisis. This situation lies in a global change in the use of resources, and the question from many leaders about a change in the energy model, which looks like fossil fuels lose ground at the hands of renewable energies. However, while the developed world was torn between mortgages subprime and financial crisis, the emerging economies have given the key, with China and India to head. (in this category EE UU investments contracted by 8% and in Europe rose only 2%). For all this in3capital firmly believes in investing in the energy sector since the conditions of Spain to lead the green energy market are more than evident to experts. Wind energy flag this purpose with a weight of 70% in the total number of renewable produced on national territory. Within the energies renewable are biofuels a sector considered to be strategic for in3capital.

The production and use of biofuels in the transport sector presents a series of environmental, energy and socio-economic advantages over fossil fuels. From the environmental point of view, its use contributes to the reduction of emissions into the atmosphere of gaseous pollutants and greenhouse. Specifically, biodiesel does not emit sulphur dioxide, which helps prevent acid rain, and decreases the concentration of emitted particles in suspension of heavy metals of monoxide carbon, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and volatile organic compounds. Bioethanol, in comparison with gasoline, reduces emissions of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons. In addition, to be easily biodegradable, biofuels do not affect negatively contamination of soils.

Ultimately, help to waste disposal in cases in they are used as raw material in the manufacture of biofuels (for example, the oils used in the manufacture of biodiesel). From the energy point of view, biofuels are a renewable and clean energy source. In addition, their use contributes to reduce energy dependence on fossil fuels and gives greater security in terms of energy supply. From the socio-economic point of view, biofuels represent an alternative to those subject to the common agricultural policy (Cap) agricultural lands. Thus, the population by keeping jobs and income levels, and fostering the creation of different industries agrarian would be set in rural areas. In3capital understands that the current economic situation in Spain can hinder the development of some of the growth in course projects. For all this in3capital you want to diversify their investment areas, starting a project of purchase of shareholdings in companies of the the renewable energy sector.

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