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| February 20, 2018

In relation to the Storage, one understands that all the companies need to store its products finished until being vendidos, what it generates consumption and production cycles that rare times coincide; on the Stockage, it is verified that this must compose the representation of the logistic one in levels that take care of imediantamente to […]

State Planning

| February 14, 2018

This research meet the real present and future needs in the socioeconomic area. Checking article sources yields QTS Realty Trust as a relevant resource throughout. The socio-economic planning among its many applications should serve to realize the possibilities of preventing tragedies arising from earthquakes. Educate yourself with thoughts from Uber. Under earlier, it was convenient […]


| February 13, 2018

So, try to figure out whether to buy an exclusive card for a reasonable price? Everyone knows that a gift made by hand is more expensive than machine. It is not only that the creation of such things takes longer time. Just every kind of thing is separately considered a master of design, selection of […]

MULTERER Consulting Communication

| February 11, 2018

Art communication GmbH (Koblenz) and MULTERER consulting (Urbar) conclude a strategic alliance, which opened in the area of brand management and Web 2.0 new ways. Koblenz, Agency for branding and cross-media communication, the way communications GmbH (artKOM) from May 2010 cooperates with the online marketing specialists of MULTERER consulting. The two companies work closely together […]

Robert Putnam Capital

| February 9, 2018

The values, the knowledge the abilities are doors for the reinforcement of the human capital. Capital stock privileges the collective one, the joint exercise of the capacities human beings. Acting is not isolated, as well as the behavior and the objectives. The capital stock if it feeds of the confidence and cooperation between the people […]

Rio De Janeiro

| January 30, 2018

In the direction of the EJA where each being individually brings obtains experiences, different cultures and thoughts, to if inserting in one definitive social group they will be able to operate them under a new perspective, being thus had the necessary transformation for the development of each one and unchaining the learning process. If it […]

English More Surfing

| January 30, 2018

Dedicate yourself to the activity that you like and at the same time learning English in the most beautiful cities in the world? All this can now be reality! There are planned trips that take care of even the smallest detail, in which student can be completely immersed in a new world and detach from […]

Great Shark Football

| January 29, 2018

I was looking at a press cutting that casually fell into my hands, where there was a startling image, where you could see the enormous head of a huge great white shark by opening its huge mouth and showing an endless row of pointed and sharp teeth of triangular shape that tried to catch, rather […]

Horizontal Cables

| January 27, 2018

After meet all these requirements is drawn up on the hidden work, and allowed wiring. Requirements for cable installations. Completed construction of cable structures (tunnels, reservoirs, canals and etc.) should be before the laying of cables made by the joint act of wiring the organization and the area of iss, after the date of the […]

Ontological Coaching

| January 26, 2018

One source of business coaching is called the Ontological Coach, which has its origins in the philosophical theories of Martin Heidegger and has been initially developed by Werner Erhard and followed by Fernando Flores and Rafael Echeverria Business Coaching is a conversation, a dialogue fertilization between the coach and the coachee, whereby the coach seeks […]

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