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Among the list of equipment to create a product for packing should designate two most important production – an extruder and pelletizer. Their work depends on quality, a lot: the quality of packaging and its characteristics and life service and environmental cleanliness. That the product purchased, require quality packaging. After a lot of people focusing on the interest itself this option. It is unlikely that people will want to sign a contract or take a product to delivery, if there is bad or the ugly packaging. Therefore, fitting to elect high-precision device that includes a new engineering solutions, ergonomic and compact. Granulator is device for processing polyethylene of high and low pressure, polycarbonate, polypropylene, polyamide, polyvinyl chloride and polystyrene (known to all as PVC).

Output raw material of such a machine – a conglomerate, film or ordinary flakes. The significance of the granulator is that because he can re-use in the manufacture of up to 100% of the waste cycle. All this testifies to the validity of cost-effective use of such complexes. The output of the granulator is able to receive secondary polymer pellets, which are available to suit of quality. Subsequently, the material is actively attached to the extruder. The problem of secondary use of waste was born in the institutions, the scope of which is connected with the production of plastic products, pipes and components, films and packages.

Also, the lion's share of waste occurs after a cycle of casting machine. A large number of residual stain the environment requires the surplus costs of removal and storage. Invention of the granulator was a perfect solution. The meaning of this is devaysa a starting material into segments defined properties, which are mounted on the stage of adjustment cycle. So, what must be the grain, depending on the requirements for end-products: for raw materials will be used or extruder, or in the foundry sector. Depending on the task, the granulator can be strand and besstrengovy. Strand, in turn, are twin-screw and single screw. The extruder can be considered as another stage in the production of the film. With it became possible to acquire an impeccable packaging, released impeccable quality and low return on investment. Equipment makes it possible to thoroughly configure outgoing products using the universal control system. On hunting extruder equipped with devices check the width of the duct, the selection of rims, length navertyvaemoy products, thermal knife and bilayer head. All of these sites will help one way or another, act on the desired quality of the film, depending on production needs. Extrusion lines. It is possible to identify a number of advantages and granulator extruder: – good efficiency effects. Raw materials used extremely effectively, and properties as balanced outputs. – Savings. Any extruder and granulator is well compensated by a unique Construction and operation principle. The present-day facilities are made in such a way as to give the greatest results in high reliability and speed. – Ecological purity. The value of the granulator in the protection of environment can not be underestimated. If the remains are usually thrown out earlier, but nowadays they are recycled and reused in the foundry of accommodation, or extruder.

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