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Public Defense

Currently the attendance is carried through to the afternoon, having the passwords delivers to the eleven hours of the morning, to be taken care of in the first attendance and it does not stop speaking directly with the counsels for indigents. In this first attendance it is received password so that the people have legal orientaes, thus having notion of the case proving if it is or not ability of the Public Defensoria. Being proven, the person is guided so that she provides all the referring documents to its problem, coming back after that toward as the attendance, being directed directly for the counsel for indigents giving beginning to the process with the complaint brief. Projects carried through for the Defensoria also exist public so that the people are taken care of in its proper communities, one of the main ones is called will mutiro, that it is become fullfilled to Saturdays and it possesss the purpose to legally guide the people in the devoid communities, that is, the first attendance, however, exists an enormous difficulty so that this project if carries through, is about the question of the proper locomotion to the communities and of the availability of employees, another factor is that the people of the devoid communities do not trust the orientaes given for the employees of the Public Defensoria and dirigem if this for receiving attendance that they had had in its communities but had the same not trusted the authenticity. Of this form, the project is made unusable. Therefore, the access to justice is guaranteed, what it occurs is the structure lack that allows to the Public Defensoria bigger autonomy so that this can efficiently guarantee the attendance and the proper resolution of the processes. It is necessary an infrastructure, a bigger disponibilizao of employees public, greater amount of public competitions and that it has awareness of the population on the real disponibilizao of the Public Defensoria, knowing as it functions, and what it is of its ability. .

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