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Feedback of the intervention process, as well as the beginning of the next cycle to management of the organizacional climate starts for the response of the research. The new diagnosis will allow to evaluate if the implemented actions had produced the changes waited in the environment, having made possible to inquire if really it unsatisfactoryly had improvement in the item evaluated in the previous period, designating, still, the existence of new focos of insatisfao. Evidently, the management of the organizacional climate and the implementation of action of improvement consist in sufficiently complex tasks, as Brunet teaches (2002, P. 104): The climate of work is resultant of some dimensions. … If we know the interdependent nature of the 0 variable in game, the changes must be planned, considering it totality of the organization and not only the individuals that are part of this. Thus, the manager of the climate will have to center its efforts in actions that produce a deep and lasting transformation in the work environment.

Additionally, he will have to consider the possible multiplying effect that determined change will be able to have on other dimensions. … Does not exist prefabricated formulas, the intervention program will have to be in accordance with the will of the people of the place, with the state of the components of the climate of the organization and with the objectives that if want to reach. 2.2 CLIMATE ORGANIZACIONAL AND ITS IMPACTS ON the QUALITY OF the SERVICES the necessities of the people in the organizations are born in function of the work group, of the use of the organizacional structure and the proper environment that influences the motivation and behavior in the execution of its activities. The organizacional climate must supply to the valuation and the enthusiasm to produce services of quality, and in consequence, total satisfaction of the customers.

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