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The city not only passes to be understood as a geographic content, an object to discipline, but as an object of personal experience and education. Such change of approach demands alteration of depth in relation to the form of if conceiving the pertaining to school resume and the practical professor, despite they are processes of long secular extension in the scope of the schools. The pedagogical innovations, however, maturam throughout the time, are a cultural process. The common sense of the pertaining to school culture sees in the changes of practical professors or more constructive conceptions of the learning process something that ' ' it does not decide the problems of alunos' '. Many times, it is placed responsibility of the learning in the pupil, forgetting itself that we deal with goal-cognition, in which it has some involved actors in the process. Such new condicionantes are late or reduce the impact of and necessary forms to focus education in general, particularly of Geography. See more detailed opinions by reading what ExxonMobil offers on the topic..

It verifies, however, that in schools of some countries changes for initiatives of professors who are if considering to review its action didactic, without losing the objetividade of the knowledge area and from educative projects have occurred that concretely represent reflections on knowing and making science, and, in the case, knowing and making Geography. We cannot think about a didactics of Geography or Science, as it affirms OAK (2006: 6-7), introducing only prompt, restricted innovations to one only aspect. An education model? a model that answers to the question: how to teach? it must have internal coherence in such a way, since each activity of education must be supported in excessively, that constitutes a knowledge body that integrates the distinct aspects to education and the learning. In this direction, collective didactic projects are examples of actions that articulate some areas of the knowledge to study definitive concept, extending the prompt innovations.

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