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Czech Republic

Services operate seven days a week and provide quality service in the shortest possible time. Gasoline and diesel fuel in the Czech Republic excellent quality and the average price of a liter of fuel amounts to one euro. On average in Western Europe the cost of gasoline and naphtha is just an average one and a half euros. Insure your car in the Czech Republic should be without insurance You have no right to travel on roads the Czech Republic. Annual insurance in the Czech Republic according to the company's costs from 100 euros. Many Russian workers drove their personal vehicles from Russia and Ukraine, travel with insurance green cards issued to home.

But it's better and cheaper to buy a car in the Czech Republic, automotive markets and auto centers offer cars of all European, Japanese and American brands, the choice is wide and prices are low, especially now after economic crisis. Term use of the machine with the Russian numbers in the Czech Republic is not limited by law. But the Russian driver's license in the Czech Republic are obliged to change after 180 days of residence in the Czech Republic in the status of residence and obtain personal residence in the Czech Republic. Buy a car in the Czech Republic as a foreigner can own behalf and on my own company, registered in the Czech Republic, you can use when buying a lease, loan or installment payment of any Czech bank. Buying a property in the Czech Republic, and its liquidity is shown in the last two years at the highest level.

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