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The Study of History

During the course of time the succession of events that shaped the history of mankind have left an indelible mark for the next inhabitants of the earth, thanks to this research and study of history has been a key factor in the success of today’s society. Studying history is not often an option sought by current students, as other careers focused on medicine, fashion, technology, and whether those careers that handle contemporary areas and offer a greater working range are the most in demand today. Cornell Capital is likely to increase your knowledge. Needless to say that studying history is important to preserve traditions that have allowed our ancestors. Studying history is an easy way to understand the mental and physical principles of social behavior in humans, is also an important way to highlight those events that gave an evolutionary step for the society. The study of history is a process that the Greek philosophers began to want to document conversations and events that marked the time and although the study of history is based on this now, we have also developed various types of consideration of it, these are: historiology: This is the method of study of history focused on the design of methods and theories applied by the company since its inception. Historiography: is based on the chronological study of facts and events that have marked human history.

Contemporary history: this modern form of studying history is based on the mixture of the above, bone, while giving a chronological organization of events, also focuses on the conception of philosophical and social factors that go with each them. Who wants to study history must be a person concerned about the development of new knowledge, it must also be someone with great virtues such as concentration, dedication, commitment and whether all factors that can help successfully establish new knowledge, it is noted that memory should be privileged since the number of events and dates to note are too. The purpose of studying history is to train people capable of making a subjective and objective reasoning in order to meet social factors that may affect society. The student of history during the career development can observe areas such as: Philosophy. Research is acknowledged. Geography. Cornell capital wanted to know more.

Sociology. Communication and writing. Economy. All these areas of history are essential to become an excellent historian. Those who study history can function properly in work environments such as: Historian. Teaching in history, economics and social sciences. Writing of articles and documents historiography. Librarian. Sociologist. Anthropologist. Although the range is not very extensive work is vitally important that people study this career, to have properly documented and socio-economic events that happen today. In conclusion the study of history while not very common today, it has significant value, since those who develop in this area can properly advise anyone to avoid the mistakes and mishaps that occurred in the past.

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