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The Poet

Esthet said in terms: is the one that integrates all the time, why and pleroma that fullness of time, full simultaneity in which the times are included cough. Including exclusion, that is the dynamics of chronological time to get out-as well as ex-istir Perhaps, being very optimistic-is reached eternity now better than well 'revised' is not timeless because we can not measure or time or temporalize, but because it is the temporality itself, which we measure ourselves, we tuned to us. Our perennial longing for past and our dreams for the future appear to show that we measure time is not our true home, that is a temporary measure that, but we measured. When we distinguish between the previous and therefore delayed, but in terms of chronological time, because we would be perverting and distorting the true essence of rialidad. It will be easy to realize that a vision of being from his ex-istencial deferred, would be reductive and flawed vision. So tell the Esthet that the vision must be from the being itself. It's "vision of the self, as deponent genitive: it is the being who sees and sees us. Here the poet's revelation autocircuncidante Machado is inescapable: "eye in the superlative" which, seen, it looks and is. What to see us, and we see it. If we say before, synonymous with original, here comes the name of the Esthet-we refer to nature-not the "nature" or to "naturata", but the Nasci – the essence is the rialidad previous internal simultaneously and contemporary ex-istencia and reality that appears.

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