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However, Bentes emphasizes that: The process of esvaziamento of the economy led to the concentration of a mass of unemployeds to the edges of igaraps that the port and the market tangenciam, areas that had been rejected for the inhabitants of high income. The saturation of the available areas to the residential nesting in the periphery of the urban nucleus led to the construction of houses-palafitas, next to the edges of courses d? water. Credit: celebrity trainer-2011. (BENTES apud PNUMA/MMA, 2002, p.28). Leaving of this estimated, which is noticed that the job lack generated a considerable number of individuals living in many cases below of the line of the poverty, is submitted to live in subumanas areas, creating an urban set of deficiencies and problems, the example of this we have the deficit collective transport, precarious education, lack in the area of the health, among others, therefore its housings are constructed in the edges of igaraps, places these that do not correspond the expectations of the citizen, while possessing of right, excluded of the social conviviality, where the lack of the right to the housing, also violates the right to the security, the privacy, the familiar conviviality and the physical and psychological integrity. Thus, Adas comes to point out that a formal city is endowed with all infrastructure (…), constituted of the quarters central offices and for the noble quarters and the informal city is those devoid of all infrastructure services, incapable, therefore, to take care of the minimum necessities of its inhabitants, that constitute the periphery, the slum quarters, where the majority of the population lives..

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