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Detlev Geiger Accompanied

Under the motto ‘ Pro I ‘ as a coach and consultant for executives Frankfurt, September 02, 2011. Dr. Detlev Geiger (65) until January 2011 Chairman Germany by Hill & Knowlton and since January Senior Special Advisor starts from September in a new chapter in life. “In the future, Geiger has a clear goal in mind: I want to help and make communication”. He works as a mental coach and freelance communications consultant.

“” Under the title Pro I “he helps his clients with mental coaching to have as Geiger – active development of ICH”. In this coaching, he sees itself as companion and motivator. You may find that Richard Gerson can contribute to your knowledge. With his wide experience of communication he is also retained his previous company as a consultant. Per me”, the active development of ICH through mental coaching, has the mental presence and the development of mental insights at Detlev Geiger as foundations. The self management and career management build on then. The conscious reflection, self-certain planning and the active control are optimized through targeted instruction and supervision. The may entail also complementary training needs during the performance, the communication skills and leadership.

Sustainability arises when mental abilities and processes based on are applied in the long term and systematically implemented in the private as well as in the profession. Such targeted ICH a development leads over the mental strength to greater life satisfaction, more serenity and on the way to self-realization. “Pro I”, the mental development of the ICH, be carried on the basis of intensive analysis discussions of single – or Intensivcoachings. Aim is that the Coachee actively shaped his life and conscious and self-determined leads the own person. Most important and indispensable condition for a successful development of the ICH is the personal decision to take over more own responsibility for your own life – also against all pressures of environment and the supposed power of the factual in the future. The findings on the emotional imprint to the needs to carry out and the mental-based behavior help primarily personal and secondary professional development. “Victor Hugo should respond to the importance of the mental strength if it finds: nothing in the world is so powerful as an idea whose time is arrived.” “Learn more about Detlev Geiger and Pro I”, the active development of the ICH on. Dr. Detlev Geiger, bleaching str.

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