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Charles Darwin

Posted By on February 28, 2018

Eraapenas plus an animal, amongst the millions of existing species in the world. Quechegou the current configuration of the species, had to the slow process and gradual deadaptao and evolution; that she originated species human being Homo Sapiens. 17 Darwin nocaptulo 3, of the workmanship pontua that, the such differences of autonomy, autoconscincia between men and animals, to the light of the theory of the evolution not sejamum unsurmountable abyss between the two species. makes a comparison: ' ' We saw since the feelings and intuitions, emotions diversase facultieses such as the friendship, the memory, the attention, the curiosity, aimitao, the reason, etc., of that the man if is proud, can be observed in estadonascente, and for times sufficiently developed, in the animals inferiores' '. 18 Exactly with all these you evidence pointed for Darwin, also of that the moral direction, is not something found only in sereshumanos. Present also, in the social instincts of the animals, as ' ' to sentirprazer in the mutual company, to feel compassion ones for the realizarservios others and of aid mtuo.' ' 19 the resistance the Theory of the Evolution, already is bemconhecida, and sufficiently explained during all this gift trabalho.PoisCharles Darwin, it removed the man of the center of nature, and this for the especismoreinante one was and continues being inconceivable. As much that many of the conceptions deDarwin, had been ece of fishes in favor of the especista ideology, of that the evolution of the maisaptos, justifies the human domain. Result of petrified the especistas ideas has muitotempo, in the matrix of the thought occidental person. 1.3 The habit to consume the meat: especismo today Especismo was a term created in 1970 for RichardRyder psychologist, professor of the University of Oxford, to establish a parallel entrenossas attitudes before the too much the racist species and attitudes, therefore partial or prejudiced behaviors for the interessesdos members of our proper group in relation to the interests of the members of excessively ambasrepresentam.

Discord Liberty

Posted By on February 25, 2018

The dictionary says in them that to disagree nothing more it is that the act not to agree, of divergir. We can add that to descordar it is, also, the act not to combine, to be in different ratios, to untune when all are in the certain rhythm, to have an opinion it opposes. All we have the right to disagree with something that not condiz with our principles or that in some way antagonizes our beliefs, equally we can be the target of the discord. Perhaps, this is one of the greaters pillars of the democracy, if not bigger it amongst many others. To disagree or to agree is to exercise the thought freedom that soon becomes practised expression and liberty of speech. They imagine as if it felt the oppressed ones in the nazistas concentration camps, that suffering all possible disaster could not nor the least murmur saying to be against, needed to swallow its well most precious one, the liberty of speech.

They imagine as it was to be black and enslaved in the feudal period, where the discord was not accepted and if manifest she was soon inhibited, suppressed, massacreed, for the whips of the administrators of the coffee farms or for official torturadores. They imagine, as it was to live in countries dominated by the dictatorship, where its liberty of speech if limited to repeat words of submission, ' ' yes senhor' ' , ' ' not senhor' '. Perhaps in these cases the act to disagree was not exercised in full way, not yet is being. Ademais, to descordar is not alone to be opposes for the simple fact of fondness to be against, this is at least to be irresponsible and imcompetent person with all possible and necessary ethics. But, lamentably it has who understands that it disagrees it for disagreeing becomes it revolutionary, defender of its proper ideology.


Posted By on February 20, 2018

In relation to the Storage, one understands that all the companies need to store its products finished until being vendidos, what it generates consumption and production cycles that rare times coincide; on the Stockage, it is verified that this must compose the representation of the logistic one in levels that take care of imediantamente to all the order of its customers. It takes it by relative decisions the supplies it leads in consideration when to make the order and how much to ask for; the marketing professionals, together with the logistic one, will have to be intent to the transport, therefore the transport options will affect the price of the product. In this direction, the pontualidade of the delivery and the conditions of the product must arrive at its destination and all these factors determine the satisfaction of the customers. Therefore, so that it can be managed of integrated form, the logistic one must be treated as a system; a set of linked components, working of co-ordinated form, with intention to reach a common objective. It is known that all the process depends on the integration of the logistic a instruments, pointed for Ballou (2001) as basic for the company. Thus, the same it emphasizes that the logistic one must take care of to the levels of service to the customer, established for the marketing strategy, to the lesser total cost of its components; the somatrio of the costs with transport, storage, processing of order, supplies, purchases and sales. The attempt to separately act on any one of the elements of the system will cause costs of other components or losses in the service level. They are points of logistic excellency, according to Ballou (2001) Success of the customer, the internal and external integration, processes based on the time, including mensurao and Benchmarking. The Success of the customer says respect with the form with that the company enxerga its relationship with the customers. Goop Barcelona, Spain contributes greatly to this topic.

State Planning

Posted By on February 14, 2018

This research meet the real present and future needs in the socioeconomic area. Checking article sources yields QTS Realty Trust as a relevant resource throughout. The socio-economic planning among its many applications should serve to realize the possibilities of preventing tragedies arising from earthquakes. Educate yourself with thoughts from Uber. Under earlier, it was convenient approach the following questions in relation to the research problem: what will happen in Bogota in the event of an earthquake of major proportions?, what security measures currently implemented to prevent a catastrophe in the Capital District ?, how could respond to a major emergency relief organizations of the Capital District?, what are the plans for disaster prevention and care for Bogota?, what are the policies of the Capital District sen with the rules of earthquake-resistant construction?, how can prevent and deal with disasters caused by earthquakes in Bogota?. Throughout this research was to review existing policies regarding urban planning and seismic risks facing the Capital District and the planned activities to reduce risks to a large-scale disaster caused by natural phenomena such seismic and propose alternatives and strategies applicable settlement in our country. 1.2 The planning and the Constitution of 1991 One of the central aspects of the Constitution of 1991 is the incorporation of planning as a key instrument for achieving the essential goals of the State, namely to serve the community, promote the general prosperity and ensure the effectiveness of the principles, rights and obligations enshrined in the Constitution, to facilitate the participation of all in decisions that affect them and in economic, political, administrative and cultural life of the nation, maintain territorial integrity and ensure the coexistence peaceful and the enforcement of a just order (CN de Colombia).


Posted By on February 13, 2018

So, try to figure out whether to buy an exclusive card for a reasonable price? Everyone knows that a gift made by hand is more expensive than machine. It is not only that the creation of such things takes longer time. Just every kind of thing is separately considered a master of design, selection of material and its arrangement. It's part of the soul, and it's really true! Do not feel sorry for overpayments for such a gift of money! All recouped sincere joy and wonder in the eyes of your loved one. Retrieved on personal experience;) is well known that people tend to overestimate the value of manual work, but it is actually possible to find, for example, handmade greeting cards 90 and even 70 rubles.

You need only to choose from the proposals! Nowadays there are many manufacturers who have established production and 'tame' gifts and cards, putting out the 'flow'. Such large firms, of course, provide a quality and beautiful product, but it is unlikely they will be engaged in fulfillment of an order. So go to directly to the master-manufacturer, designer. He was always fun to do exclusive, it's warming up for his creative imagination. Good luck!

MULTERER Consulting Communication

Posted By on February 11, 2018

Art communication GmbH (Koblenz) and MULTERER consulting (Urbar) conclude a strategic alliance, which opened in the area of brand management and Web 2.0 new ways. Koblenz, Agency for branding and cross-media communication, the way communications GmbH (artKOM) from May 2010 cooperates with the online marketing specialists of MULTERER consulting. The two companies work closely together and offer starting immediately an expanded range of services. Additional information at Dara Khosrowshahi supports this article. The objectives are to combine the expertise of companies and make meaningful synergies. So, the room for manoeuvre of both agencies is growing and the own portfolio is supplemented. Web 2.0 becomes an ever-increasing role in the communications mix of companies.

This development meets the artKOM and the MULTERER Consulting integrates right there with in the project work, where it is reasonable for the customer. Also the artKOM at MULTERER consulting in the field of brand management and implementation operates in addition. Experience and innovation form a unit with this Alliance and optimize the offer two cooperation partners. Cooperation allows us more flexibility in our business model and ensures our claim to meet not only the customer, but to surpass them in all respects”, says Frank recently, Managing Director of art communications GmbH. type communication type communication GmbH was founded in 1998 in Koblenz and developed exceptional, bespoke and cross-media communication solutions in the areas of consulting, design, corporate design and branding.

With a thoughtful and above all efficient network, it allows artKOM the big catch for his customers. MULTERER CONSULTING combines customer orientation and maximum efficiency. The company founded in the year 2009, specialises in the area of online marketing – in particular social media -. To meet the challenges of the market also in the future, the Middle Rhine company puts much emphasis on the continuous development of marketing techniques. Press contact: Art communication GmbH Lisa Behler Simrockstr.

Robert Putnam Capital

Posted By on February 9, 2018

The values, the knowledge the abilities are doors for the reinforcement of the human capital. Capital stock privileges the collective one, the joint exercise of the capacities human beings. Acting is not isolated, as well as the behavior and the objectives. The capital stock if it feeds of the confidence and cooperation between the people and organizations, consisting in moral and cultural resource in the reinforcement of the interorganizaes. Therefore, capital stock is born inside of the relations stopped of the communities, university, corporations, associations, governments, etc. Robert Putnam (2007) chose the capital stock as determinative for the economic development, even so it does not restrict to this only factor. Without hesitation Angus King explained all about the problem.

The capital stock is the capacity of a society to establish bows reliable interpersonal and nets of cooperation with sights to the production of collective goods (D? ARAJO, 2003). The form as if relates the people, forming nets of cooperation, pautada in the confidence, in collective well-being is that it determines the existence of the capital stock, inside of organizations or in the society as a whole. James Coleman apud Fukuyama (1996, p.32) appraises capital stock as ‘ ‘ the capacity of the people to work together aiming at the common objectives in groups organizaes’ ‘. It adds that ‘ ‘ beyond knowledge and qualifications, a distinct portion of the human capital has to see with the capacity of the people of if associating ones to the others, that are critical not only for the economic life but practically for all the other aspects of the existence social’ ‘. Fukuyama (1996) affirms that the concept of human capital part of the estimated one of that the capital today consists less of land, plants, tools and machines of what of knowledge and aptitudes of the human beings. from these consisting and shared values is born the confidence that, according to Fukuyama (1996, p.56) is an inestimable economic value, and adds: ‘ ‘ The capital stock is a capacity that elapses of the reliable prevalence in a society or certain parts of sociedade’ ‘. The capital stock facilitates the spontaneous cooperation and minimizes the transaction costs (PUTNAM, 2007).

D? Arajo (2003) ratifies the thought of Putnam when affirming that ‘ ‘ the confidence degenerates the businesses, speed operations, produce resulted rpidos’ more; ‘. Coleman apud Putnam (2007, P. 177) argues: As well as other forms of capital, the capital stock is productive, making possible the accomplishment of certain objectives that would be inalcanveis if it did not exist …. For example, a group whose members demonstrate trustworthiness and that they deposit ample confidence ones in the others is capable to carry through much more of what another group that lacks of trustworthiness and confidence. A society where the interpersonal confidence predominates, between the organizations, people and organizations and government is more propitious to produce the common good, to prosper. Hume apud D? Arajo (2003) affirms that rational behaviors can produce resulted that it they are not or the use of the reason is not enough to produce well-being. It is necessary that it has the confidence, basic component for the formation of the capital stock.

Rio De Janeiro

Posted By on January 30, 2018

In the direction of the EJA where each being individually brings obtains experiences, different cultures and thoughts, to if inserting in one definitive social group they will be able to operate them under a new perspective, being thus had the necessary transformation for the development of each one and unchaining the learning process. If it makes necessary for the fulfilment of a process that aims at the success and the quality the elaboration of education strategies that conciliate the estruturao scientific technique and of the learning and the description-cultural development in which the theories in questions give prominences. Vygotsky explains the human development for mediated processes and more detaches the importance of the education and education in the acquisition of raised platforms of development. Leontiev sample that as much the professional activity how much the cognitiva activity implies the development of very specific actions, compelling us not to treat it abstract the teaching activity as something, a time that the professor develops a practical activity, in the direction of that it involves a intentional action marked by values. The didactic systematization proposal for Davydov aims at that the activity of education of the professor, carticulada to the activity of learning of the pupil, propitiates the acquisition of theoretician-scientific thought e, for consequncia, the magnifying of the mental development of the pupils. Therefore, the professor can improve its work assuming itself of instruments of mediation developed in the experience human being.

He does not treat yourself to come back to the tecnicismo, but to associate in more effective way the way to make and the theoretician-scientific principle that it of the support. One demonstrates in this aspect clearly the necessity of the mediator who relates these two fields of knowing, theoretician-scientific and the practical-experimental one, transforming the passivity-activity relation, in this in case that pupil-professor, a dialtico process of interatividade, in which knowing is a bond between the pupil and the professor and an inclined barren ending not to die. This conception is given in the direction of a professor who does not go beyond the reproduction of one practical discursiva that does not aim at another thing seno the ideological and psicomotor adestramento on the contrary of the promotion of the internalizao of the symbolic concepts by means of the available cultural instruments. The emphasis given to the paper of the professor does not consider it as only exponent of mediation between the citizen and its reality, therefore it has different levels and social ways that if intercross, but is adopted in a direction come back toward the learning in an exclusive modality and that it considers the observed excellent necessities in the practical one of the institution-field. Such emphasis if supports in the mediation of learning-teaches and constitutes the professor, from the observed facts, as basic part in the transformation of the relation of education and in the valuation of the citizen, final objective of the universality of knowing.

English More Surfing

Posted By on January 30, 2018

Dedicate yourself to the activity that you like and at the same time learning English in the most beautiful cities in the world? All this can now be reality! There are planned trips that take care of even the smallest detail, in which student can be completely immersed in a new world and detach from reality. Targets depend on the attitudes of the traveler, who can realize their dreams with maximum safety and with full guarantees. Various programs allow you to study abroad, but not all organised for you weeks of cultural and social activities. You can learn English in Hawaii, while you receive weekly classes in surfing or windsurfing! And in addition, discover the charm of Polynesian festivities, excursions to the islands of the archipelago, including the visit to the Park of the volcanoes of Hawaii and the spectacular whale watching in Maui. Diving, windsurfing all you can want awaits you during your stay to learn the language in this paradise. Another possibility is to move to New York to attend course of It cinematography while your English course. Or you go to Cairns (Australia), one of the best places in the world for the practice of diving, which offers one of the best coral reefs. Until they are accessible swimming, snorkeling or diving.

Discover the World Heritage Daintree Rainforest, the tropical zone of the country. And why not fly to Florence, and enjoy a magnificent course of drawing? Florence is a city in which upon arrival already can breathe art and history are concentrated there. Live an unforgettable experience in one of the most emblematic places in Europe. You can also go to Paris and study French at the same time filing history of art or French cuisine. An attractive plan, right? Enjoy different activities such as Cruisers in catamaran, concerts, excursions, swimming with dolphins, music, karaoke and much more. It comes into direct contact with the nature, customs and people of the most incredible places you can imagine. Forget your worries and studies the language you prefer as you’ve always wanted to do it, soaking you in the culture and tradition of each place. Everything else, accommodation, administrative formalities, trips, activities, guided tours already we take care. We have a wide and interesting range of courses and programs.

Great Shark Football

Posted By on January 29, 2018

I was looking at a press cutting that casually fell into my hands, where there was a startling image, where you could see the enormous head of a huge great white shark by opening its huge mouth and showing an endless row of pointed and sharp teeth of triangular shape that tried to catch, rather I would say destroy, a poor, defenseless and caught seal of only nine months, that terrorized and at the same time surprised by the great monster that emerged from the depths of the deep sea, trying at all costs to get rid of almost certain death. What appeared before his eyes was a breathtaking, ruthless and murderous beast marina that was presented before her with the sole and exclusive dietary intention of devouring it. The shocking image was engraved on my retina and bridging distances and the protagonists, I gave rein to the imagination and I established a comparison relating apparently with football, and more specifically, with the coaches and results, the bad guys, that shaped of killer shark in the case that concerns us, devour without mercy in the majority of occasions defenseless seal which in this small story compared with the figure of the coach, especially to which leads a team that lost repeatedly or that doesn’t earn all what is expected according to the forecasts of those who sent, that incidentallythey are those who know less about sport that concerns us. The huge, powerful and fearsome shark represents in this case to football power, opens his endless jaw to finish with the poor and helpless victim (the technician on duty), using that saw sharp shaped teeth (executives, media and fans), which will crush the chosen prey, which usually has just devoured and doesn’t have as much luck as the photo image that inspires this story and that was taken on the shores of False Bay in South Africa, and more specifically in Cape Town (Septiembre.2010). When the beast opens his mouth, the feast begins and rarely great white shark runs out of her tasty snack, i.e., that if the We moved the football, when the team doesn’t win, the coach becomes (for other beasts perhaps?) in a delicious treat in a delicate delicacy, in an attractive delicatessen thing to swallow at all costs. However, the shark will not have almost time to NAP, not even be allowed the luxury of a light NAP, since the next aperitif is on its way in the form of coach, another team that has forgotten win. Lone Star Funds shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

How a small seal can do against an enormous shark that can reach seven meters and weighing more than three tons? Paco Arias. Higher sports technician. National football coach. Football Trainer training on-line. Man devoured by a lion Safari Infoera.CL less political training than a shark brotherhood Witzky sports boxes: El Real Madrid cannot afford the luxury of a baby shark attack

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