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Now more about attracting people to chat on your forum, I say once in obschak better not to write because you immediately banned, or rather can not write is not in any way indicate the address of the site is all you then be able to say in private, such as chat bizar can write a message in obschak roughly to the following: Suppose you have a forum in Kiev: Boys and girls you have the opportunity to participate in the life of the forum you are absolutely free can lead his section to write your notes, compose, invent games, but at least organize a fan club, also need moderators sections who are interested in private please. After that there will be people that this is will be interested and they will enter into your private and asked to address the site and what they need to do (not always but almost 70% guarantee) on your task is to interest a person can ask him to make such a fashion column if entertaining forum and you promise him that if he will cope well and maintain order in his section, then you give him a moderator section (out of it, many will be happy, and generally will be that some of the They wanted to be moderated but did not know how to do this) please be prepared and do not pay any attention, and there are people who will write you a nasty and in private and in obschak. You can also send out spam emails in connection or in contact about the same content, or do you create a contest on the forum and invite people with a direct link to it (preferably with the competition valuable prize, what would have been willing to participate). Peter Kern might disagree with that approach. Now another question arises how make sure that a man once came to the home page of your forum, did not go with her after 20 seconds and became an active user of the forum? This question is probably asking himself who has every forum. Well, start with the fact that forum, in principle, does not need promotion, purchasing links, the context is nice, but they will only increase your forum visitors who will visit and go away from you. They will remain only if you have online will be unique content (ie articles and materials that you write yourself or someone else and not copy-paste from another website or forum) theme that they are really interested in who they want to write or argue with you. So a lot of methods, you need probyvat.

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