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Air Powers

Anaximenes in certain degree advance to the parents of the chemicals that is to say, to the alchemists. As we can analyze these transformations of the matter are caused by the temperature. If the temperature is high the particles of a body they move at greater speed. If she is low at smaller speed that would think the old ones that it was the air, since they did not know the powers, that is to say the periodic table periodic? Perhaps that the air can be a relation formed to if, relation of numbers or properties of numbers. And also relations by equality, similarity by identity. But these are of another species, indeed under each of these ways there is unit.

That one is called identical whose essence is one. Resemblance which has the same quality. Equal which has the same amount. However. The unit is the principle, the measurement of the number in such a way that it can say that all these relations are numerical relations, but not of the same species that the precedents. The relations than are active to which he is passive are relations, either of the powers it activates and passive, or of the acts of these powers.

We follow, Anaximenes glimpsed in its cosmology a perspective that constitutes an approach to the physics. Whose objects are the investigation and the discovery of the matter and not their measurement. Like such, Anaximenes asks itself of a Metaphysical way for the being of the things. Example: that is the matter and that occurs to him in the search of an original principle? Anaximenes maintained of the air that is the element foundation that produces the life and its movements. He maintained philosophical discrepancies with Anaximandro, on the problem of the movement and its principles. Then for Anaximenes the movement can separate the mixed things but not generate them as Anaximandro believed.

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