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Hospital San Francisco

The work consisted basically of demonstrating as a Research of Climate, or of Quality of Life in the Work, it can contribute to guide the administration in the elaboration of the Strategical Planning. However, it can until seeming strange, I do not go at this moment to describe on this subject. But yes on the necessity definitively to adopt strategies that they dive the companies, over all its marks, in the social medias. We were recently awardees for being the sixth better maternity of the SP state, and of breaking, still added to this structure, we are has six months of propagation almost advertising executive in the opened TV, in the sender who has the first place of hearing, vocs know of which I am speaking. At last, it does not have an alive soul that it does not know the hospital in the city of Jacare. Therefore, it was certain that, when asked to the pupils of the SENAC of Taubat if they knew the HSFA, it would not surprise me if the least half dozen of pupils raised the hand.

Therefore he is, the curious one is that this did not happen. Nobody had heard to speak of our estimate marks. To know more about this subject visit Peter Kern. It is also important to leave clearly that until this moment the strategy of communication of the HSFA does not contemplate the public of the mentioned city, then is possible that in fact many do not know it. The question that I want to leave here, for vocs professional of the area and students is, if to adopt one strategy of immersion of mark in the social medias, that is, to display the Hospital San Francisco de Assis in the Twitter, Youtube, facebook, orkut, blogs, etc, will be that I would have the same reply of these young students? ' '. Of certain that Mr. Valdir developed climate research internally and evaluated the results through pointers RH and analyzes swot. Contact information is here: Senator Angus King.

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