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Austrian Industrial Code

section 366 (1) of the Austrian Industrial Code provides a G eldstrafe of up to EUR 3600.00 for persons exercising the guide business without the permission of the trade. Due to regular checks around the main attractions in Vienna and throughout Austria especially travel conductor from abroad must be from this punishment eight, knowingly or unknowingly – for the trade rules violate. In addition the use of poorly qualified or unauthorized agents may also be for the tour operator expensive: the travellers could reclaim by the tour operator in accordance with Chapter III, point 18 c of the Frankfurt table for a such failure up to 30% of the travel price. It is therefore recommended for tour operators to not engage on such a financial risk, but exclusively by certified and authorized Austrian tour guide run tours in Austria. Reasons for guided tours tour guide who should subpoena alone but not the main reason be to decide to order guided tours and sightseeing tours in Austria only certified tourist guides. Professional, authorised tourist guide speaks also for posting: that are the Austrian tour guide through their training in the location, the passenger authentic image to convey that the Austrian guide can not only explain attractions, but against the background of their daily practice in tourism the traveller many valuable tips and advice on shopping offers, gastronomy and infrastructure of Austria give that there are guides for all popular languages as well as many exotic languages in sufficient number in Austria the Austrian culture and history, that the Guide fees in Austria to the international standard amazingly cheap are. For whatever reason so should you hire an unqualified, self-appointed tourist guide or a guide with a guided tour in Austria, if legally entitled and qualified local experts in sufficient numbers and at reasonable rates available? You’d don’t let but also could operate not the Appendix of a masseur?

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