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Successful Sports Sponsorship Brings Name And Brand In The Game

Who would like to maintain a positive image as an entrepreneur, which can occur as a sponsor in the sport. Click Alan Carr to learn more. Sports sponsorship represents a below-the-line marketing tool that is indispensable now barely in the communications mix of many large companies. The approach of sports sponsorship is easy and creates added value, as well as “more values”: renowned companies, such as Deutsche Telekom, AWD and Mercedes Benz, promote, athletes, sports clubs, sports events or campaigns, for example, with the concerns of “Anti-Doping”, “Tolerance” and “Respect”, achieving this – in addition to their concern to support the sport of performance – positive-acting PR effects for their brand name or trademarks. The companies are known in this context as sponsor which promote either financially or with material resources, such as for example in the form of sports equipment, catering, or tags. The athletes, clubs, promoters, etc.

are classified according to the marketing terminology, however, as sponsoring employee. The sponsors for their support in a figurative sense Radiation effects of the positive attributes of the image of the sponsored. You intend to be in the sports public as athletic, sport-close, successful or socially perceived. This “give and take” of sports sponsorship or other sponsorship forms, such as sponsorship of culture and art, is a characteristic that separates the sponsorship by the so-called fundraising the money or thing means shall be primarily altruistic motives. Sports sponsorship is based in this context and usually on a (sponsorship) contract that clearly from both perspectives and by mutual agreement regulates the respective services. As sports sponsorship is not merely based on cash flows and a related Exchange, both cooperating partners in advance of the conclusion of the contract must carefully consider whether an image transfer is really long-term benefits. In this way often involved large companies in multiple sports and “sprinkle” so their sports sponsorship budget with the focus mostly on the sports, the in the population are particularly popular. Fly Emirates puts arsenal from London in this context on the international football and the sponsorship of major clubs, such as the Hamburger SV, AC Milan or FC. A newer field of football-specific sponsorship concerns the naming rights to soccer stadiums as the known examples of the Alliance show arena in Munich and the AWD-arena in Hannover 96.

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