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Adult People

It is restarting the pertaining to school year and already it starts if to speak in the problems of behavior of the children. Click Alan Carr to learn more. The subject that still leads the request of lectures is ' ' limites' '. This calls me the attention, because whenever we speak in limits we think about children and adolescents. It looks at the weight that they have that to load. Why we do not associate the subject limits the adults? After all, they are who must teach the limits for these young. I question myself there, will be that the adult today has limits? When we speak in limit, the people soon see in them as repressores, for associating erroneamente with a negative connotation. However, limit means a marking line, a border that says where until the person can go. That in the last times, it only seems that this was forgotten.

Not for guilt of the children, but of its ancestors, who from the decade of 70 if had become total permissive, for believing that they had had an infancy/adolescence very restrained, starting to leave its children to make everything what they had not made. They had passed to give to total freedom for its children, transforming them into libertines. Only that with this, they had forgotten or they do not know, that the parents are the first models of identification of the child and that they are perceived by them, as true heroes, that is, everything what they say or they make, has one weight very great. Therefore, if the parents do not have limit, do not have rules, they are not a positive model of identification and as to demand of the children and adolescents who have limits. In such a way cruel one seems me something one, but it discloses the functioning of the adult of today, that everything projects for the others, isentando itself of its responsibility.

The terceirizao of the education is something sufficiently common, therefore the parents allege not to have time to educate its children. After all, they need to work very, to give a good standard of living to the son. But he will be that he is this that really the son longs for? For who it will be the good standard of living, for the children or them? Unhappyly, the people are unaware of that the limit has an important paper in the development of thinking of adolescent child/. All the time that one says does not generate the frustration. The frustration leads to think, on the reasons that had unchained not. Of this form, the parents will be teaching its children to think, to tolerate the frustration and preparing them for they deal better with the problems of the adult life. To give limits is not to beat, but to teach that the rights of all the people are equal, that the world does not turn around itself, that other people in the world exist, so that self-centered adults do not become. It is to say yes when it will be possible and not when it will be necessary, it is to teach to differentiate desire necessity. It is to remember that the all right one corresponds a duty. To give limits is an understanding, shelter, love act. Feelings that precision to be passed to the children, so that they obtain to establish healthful relations, not only with the family, but with the society.

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