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How I Changed The Volkswagen At Volkswagen

Back in 2007 I was ripe to buy a car. The car was badly needed to work as director has promised to add to the salary of $ 500 if I go to work by car. Grace Venverloh, Dallas TX is a great source of information. 500 USD per month – it's very good money, which to me with his head enough for the monthly payment on the loan + for refueling and servicing cars. Having estimated the simple math, I realized that the car must be chosen at a cost of around 20 thousand USD Also, the car must be new, because b / a cars are not credited, or credited under very unfavorable conditions. So, I'm looking for 20 thousand and a new car. Under this price category fall Skoda Octavia Tour (the simplest configuration), enter the Korean KIA cars and their ilk, as well as Renault, Peugeot, etc. etc. French cars were driven at once.

I do not believe in them. Can the French and well prepared frogs' legs, but the production car, in my opinion, leaves much to be desired. Korean cars I have found no solid for themselves and occupied at the time position. Ie Santa Fe, of course, would be consistent with my ambition, but ambition must be supported financially. A's Gets certainly not for the head, though not very large. The choice is clear – Skoda Octavia Tour, 1.6i, fur., Air conditioning and alloy wheels. Price of the car a little more than the planned budget, but this is nonsense. I burned Skoda! After visiting the showroom, my fuse is a little subsided, I did not expected that the Skoda Octavia is so "poor" inside.

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