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Flowers Send: Why Should You Give Away Flowers?

| July 23, 2019

Is the bouquet of flowers still in fashion or already old hat? Flowers are an excellent gift to conquer the heart of a woman. But not just for that reason, you can send flowers or gift. The various events and celebrations to someone a flowery surprise there to present and ready from Berlin to Stuttgart […]

Massachusetts Institute

| August 4, 2018

How do I talk to a woman and seduce her. But the question most of us (men) have turned what has this type of what I didn’t. He looks even better than I do, so what makes it so appealing? They are not very entertaining, because they speak only nonsense. It was often so at […]

The Science of Homemaking

| December 7, 2017

Homemaking – is a vital science. To learn how to house and love to confess on this site. Yes, yes, to – ie tie a rope and dragging it home through all the obstacles, and look, that was all norm, and satisfied passengers sang songs. (!) And in fact, do not order people to do […]

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