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Air Conditioners

Channel blocks and blocks Cassette Ducted air conditioners installed in suspended or boarding the ceiling, which completely hides the inner block. They feed on the treated air duct system, also hidden behind a false ceiling, which allows cooling an air-conditioned rooms at once 4.5 or a small office as a whole. Benefit from power conditioning to do enough – 12-25 kW cooling capacity can effectively cool up to 120-250 square meters. m square. The advantages of channel air conditioners is that one air conditioner covers all your needs in the cold, which of course will cost less acquisition and installation of several less powerful splits. However, the duct air conditioners can be used only in areas with suspended ceiling and require special installation and laying of the air-communication. Cassette air conditioners are also installed in a suspended ceiling, and serves the air vertically downwards. Due to the fact that their lower grille has the same design as the board suspended ceiling, they are not dislodged from the interior of your premises.

A special blinds that control air flow, help to evenly distribute the treated air to all parts of your premises. It is obvious that such a distribution for ceiling mounted cassette air-conditioner will be much more effective than hanging on one wall of the block. The main advantage – even air distribution through large volumes of space that allows you to use one cassette air conditioner for a large room or hall. However, these systems also require the presence of the suspended ceiling and skilled installation. Floor-Ceiling air conditioners These air conditioners are used for rooms that lack ceiling.

Blocks are placed at the bottom of the wall or from the ceiling and fed the treated air in the desired direction you. For example, placed under the ceiling air-conditioners can submit cooled air horizontally, allowing it to evenly distribute the premises, without the risk of easy to sit next to people. A placed at the bottom of the wall blocks are served straight up the air, which also avoids a direct hit on the occupants of the jet in a room of people. Advantages of such air conditioning – their shallow depth (only 15-25 cm), as well as their applicability to air-conditioning facilities complex forms in which there is no ceiling. So, dear reader, we reviewed the main types and configurations comfort air conditioners. Each of them is optimal for a given task, each one designed for your class prices. But in any case, whatever your needs, space and financial resources, you can choose to themselves on price and features the best option, which will cover all your needs. And if you need expert advice, we will gladly give it to you. Good luck!

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