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Nowadays, every entrepreneur engaged in trade anything at least once came up with the idea: 'It is necessary to expand the direction of trade on the Internet. " Studying the mechanism of trade on the Internet entrepreneur understands that he needed to create an online store. The first thing most beginners face trading on the Internet – this is the number of proposals for the creation of online shops and a variety of prices. After reviewing numerous proposals, newcomer, as a rule, understand that they do not differ much from each other and trying to choose the 'best' is cheaper (but not the quality) of the final instrument. Very often the decision is erroneous, because in real Internet commerce is not so simple. Then there are nuances, which I will discuss in this article. We will not talk about how and where to rent an office or find a supplier with good prices for the goods – we will assume that you already have and You just have to create a mechanism for trade.

We talk about than to be faced novice Internet entrepreneurs in the development of its online store, and what criteria should meet the software provision serving the shop. 1. Goal of creating an online store. Before you begin creating an online store, should think, why is it needed and what advantages an online store front real shop? There are several reasons: 1) You are free to rent for large parts, because the online shop – it's just a virtual platform on the Internet.

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