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Request National Prosecutor

A letter requesting information, given the zero response from the Regional Prosecutor’s Office background requirements, presented today the Committee regional director pro defense of Flora and Fauna (Codeff) subsidiary Aysen, Peter Hartmann, the national prosecutor Sabas Chahuan. The case concerns the complaint that will be held in July of last year for unauthorized logging of native forest in the sector of Los Palos-rio Tabo River, in the vicinity of Puerto Aysen, in the framework of the studies of the hydroelectric project River Crow that drives energy Austral, today’s Australian capitals. The leader explained that because of that complaint we were cited to declare before the brigade investigator of crimes of environment and Cultural Heritage (Bidema) in Puerto Aysen and also the local prosecutor’s Office, in which it was reported that they had no clarity of why I had cited and which in a short time I would report the outcome of the investigations that were still being. He added that he spent the time and no precedent has been delivered on the subject despite having been requested in writing. On January 26 of this year ask the Regional Prosecutor Arturo Ramirez the same thing that we require today, that you will inform us in what will or what was the investigation, and whether there were sanctions by an illicit that was even recognized by the company in the press. Unfortunately, no response we got added. Peter Hartmann explained that in the letter he pointed out that within the framework of the 20.9285 law on access to public information, I request you will report me as previously requested, even more so given my quality of part in that requirement.

THE complaint the complaint filed July 3 in appropriated Los Palos River Tabo River southwest of Puerto Aysen company Besalco, by agreement with the regional Directorate of roads of the Ministry of public works, was building a path towards Yulton Lake sector as part of the tasks necessary to realize the project of energy sector, which a day today still do not enter to the environmental impact assessment system. Explained the leader on the occasion that until that moment – tala rasa has been and have cut between 10 to 12 acres of native forest, including protected Cypress Las Guaitecas, even in sectors of a channel of water, all this without the existence of the Plan of forest management of civil works that requires the Act of recovery of the native forest and forestry promotion. Therefore, it’s an illegal court. The affected land, for all we know, are mostly owned by the State. In the initial requirement was sought that I will enforce the rule of law by the company and its principal, applied punitive measures that apply and repair environmental damage made to the estate tax and all Chileans. This, said Hartmann, even more so when according to the information that we handle follows advancing in such works without the management plan concerned, which has been rejected several times by Conaf, which opens a front over the measures which should be adopted this public body within the framework of its powers and legal mandate, which is to protect our forests.

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