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Perpetual Alliance

Initially the Crown is placed in a place adjusted with the candles all extinguished ones, this means the experience of the darknesses of the sin. In the night of Christmas, a white candle was lit, decorated well with red and golden ribbons, in the center of the crown symbolizing Christ, Light of the world. We consider beneficial to know the meaning of each candle of the Crown, let us see: First candle: It remembers the pardon of granted God to whom they had sinned for the first time, our first parents: Adam and Eva. Second candle: In she remembers the faith to them of the patriarchs and Abrao in first place, therefore they were made the announcement and the promise of the Salvation. Third candle: In them it remembers the joy of king Davi, who received Mr. the promise from the Perpetual Alliance. The fourth candle: It remembers the prophets for which God announced the coming of Salvador (cf.

MIRANDA, 2007, P. 29). The Mother Church in parishes and communities assumed the pretty tradition to light the cora to each sunday, however, would be very convenient that we also rescued the tradition of the crown of the advent in family. As he would be beautiful if in each week that precedes the Christmas the family if it congregated and in the sunday per the morning or until at the beginning of the Saturday night (18h00min h.), it lit the candle of the crown of the advent, praid the folloied ngelus of this brief conjunct: ' ' The light of Christ, that we wait in this Advent, dries all the tears, finishes with all the darknesses, it has consoled who it is sad and it fulls our hearts of the joy to prepare its coming in this new year of favour. Amm' '. This simple ritual can help to the families in the preparation spiritual for the birth of the King of the Universe.

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