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Renewable Energy

The transition to renewable energy sources is interesting for everyone. You can save money and contributes to a part, to reduce CO emissions and thus to protect the environment. (tdx) Sustainable and ecological action is becoming increasingly important in all areas of life. Industry, business and private households consume daily vast amounts of energy. It is important here to restrict the consumption of fossil fuels and harmful substance emissions and the emissions of climate-relevant gases such as carbon dioxide (CO m) to reduce. The use of renewable energy is not only environmentally, but also the budget benefits from significant cost savings: change to renewable energy is always rewarding in the rapidly rising gas and oil prices.

Also state, country, municipalities or energy companies funding the use of renewable energy on-site. Energy carrier of the future using economical and climate-related useful sources of energy will rise significantly in the future. On the Renewable sources of energy in the form of sunlight and heat, wind energy, hydropower, biomass and geothermal energy can be used to Earth. Heat or power gain solar energy special equipment from the energy of the Sun. Photovoltaic systems convert radiant energy from the Sun directly into electricity by means of solar cells. They can be mounted on flat or pitched roofs and are especially effective when the surface is unverschattet. Pitched roofs should be between 30 and 60 degrees inclined and facing South-East to South-West.

Flat-plate collectors are outfitted with a good income at a relatively cheap price. The more expensive tube collectors gain more energy, even vertical walls. You worth it, if only a small mounting space available or the location is not optimal. In addition to the direct use of the obtained current grid-connected systems are common. The electricity generated at the roofing is fed for a fee in the public power grid. Is reimbursed by the German renewable energy law guarantees.

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