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5-Special offers to your followers. It is only occasionally interesting to make special offers to your followers on Facebook. It may be a reduction of the price, a gift, or whichever you. It uses a striking image since you will have more attraction than a comment. 6 – Stand out. Already is which is easier to say it than get it, but is pure reality.

And for this a good way of doing this is by adding content interesting and clear, without too many technicalities which may bore your audience. The aim is to get people to engage in what they’re telling, brings his own thought, opinion, creating community around your business. But we are sure that you questions you, very well and how can get it? Look, people are curious by nature and we love to know. If you count the daily activity of your company or business on your wall, you can that many people see reflected and has desire to share their own experiences. Add a video, images, or a mixture of both, showing the inner workings of your business. This way you can get that feeling of closeness, so powerful and persuasive towards customers. You have to get the client is comfortable, relaxed, should incite it to the participation.

Eye! What I have said you should do so with caution, know that excess also tired and may cause your audience to flee. 7. Call to action. Reserve the last to remind you the power of social networks. You’re tired of listening to your around, that’s for young people or without much to do, or that it’s a waste of time. Because NO, you’re not right, more than 600 million people cannot be wrong. It is a fact that most of these people are actively connected every day. What business does not want that audience tell me? How you’ll see, there is every reason to be present, so these 7 reasons to customize your business Facebook fanpage, is of vital importance. Surely, surely you have something to say, do not worry and tell us about it! Until a future article.

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