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Also, the violence is a decurrent process of a complex net of socioeconmicos factors, cultural politicians and who if articulate, interact and if they materialize in the conditions of life of social groups and specific areas (Assis et al, 2004). The personal relation with the subject of the domestic violence appeared during the attendance to the vitimadas ones of violence domesticates in the Legal Medical Institute (I.M.L.) in the city of Aracaju/SE. Promoted through Basic Period of training I and II, carried through in 7 period of the course of psychology of the Tiradentes University in the period of 2008 up to 2010. The Legal Medical Institute (IML) was established in 1979, in then the government of Dr. Jose Rolemberg Milk, receiving the name from Medical Institute Legal August Dr. Milk, located in the annex of the Secretariat of the Public Security of the State of Sergipe, situated in the Square Tobias Barreto, 20? Aracaju/SE. Being thus the work it has as objective, to carry through a theoretical clipping from the violence notifications domestic, that is taken care of by the Legal Medical Institute.

Therefore this article aims at to understand and to analyze to such violence so that it is possible to as well as reach the perceptions of the state of the professionals who act directly with this demand. The violence threat the survival, well-being and the future perspectives of the society in general. Therefore the physical, emotional and psychological scars of the violence can have serious implications for the development, the health of the attacked one. In accordance with Abramovay (2002) argues that if it cannot only concentrate the attention in the physical violence, since other types as verbal and the psychological one can be traumatic and serious. Being thus, it is recommended to listen to the victims, to construct to more similar slight knowledge on violence to the tried realities and the directions perceived for the individuals.

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