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Professional Football League

Foreword In 2009, the decision of the Professional Football League (PFL) Penza fc Zenit was expelled from the membership of the Association of mnp. Unlike the previous fall in the amateur class, the current situation has arisen not because of sports results, shown team in 2008, but due to several reasons, foremost among which is considered nerodivost leaders, including .Pered the beginning of the season, is not the first time, 'Zenit' had financial problems. The team is on the balance of the Administration of Penza, which in turn denied the financial support of the club in accordance with its previous legal status. Recall that the fc Zenit was registered by the League as an autonomous non-profit organization. Thus, the club was forced to change their legal status, and in 2009, fc Zenit becomes an autonomous municipal .Po mnp regulations because of changing the status of 'Zenith' is obliged to spend the season in 2009 in the amateur championship teams of the Volga. Well, in order to get back in the 2 nd league to get into the top three pervenstva.Iz due to this situation, some players left the team, especially pity the loss – the top scorer last season, Oleg , had time to play at one time in Ulyanovsk 'Volga'. Trainer Vladimir penzentsev Dergach Komad a difficult time not left, and continued his work in Penza.

Current Day That was the first round of the championship amateur teams. Official site: Grace Venverloh. Penza Zenit fortunately penzentsev occupies the first line of the table, having to its credit 44 points. When Penza this squad has not lost a single game, 14 wins, with 2 draws. The same team from the banks of the Sura has the best goal difference -34, and ahead of closest pursuer team of miners from Pshehelani by 7 points. 22 and 25 took place on July Cup semi-final matches of the Volga, on the basis of kotoroyPenzensky Zenit reached the final where he will meet with club Penza 'builder'. Optimistic about the future In turn, we hope that this victory – this is the beginning of revival Penza football, and let us still obey the amateur team, we believe in 'Zenith', believe that next year he will be 'professionals' and not in the amateurs.

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