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TransSiberian Railway

Adventure times two soul of mavia full of experiences and emotions Julia Malchow, founder of the tour operator travel, writes in your travel blog about the intensive time with your son on the trip with the Trans-Siberian railway from St. Petersburg to Beijing. “As a small independent universe untethered to the outside world of the steppe train. Now I know how people feel”Julia Malchow describes the deep impressions of her voyage from St. Petersburg to Beijing. Eight weeks in September and October it was part of the myth of Trans-Siberian railway with their son Levi”. Subtle and close to the action your stories draw plastic images of encounters with people and landscapes from three different countries. The focus is the intensive time with her baby and the search after a mother role suitable for both.

The healthy distance question”in the mother-child relationship gets a completely new dimension on the joint train travel over 10,000 km. As well as the natural right of a mother, her To meet child in every situation. Going to be in a confined space? Be annoying mother and child? At the end, is love or hate? “An avid reader commented this on Facebook: I posted”I like”las, las, las… and found the travel report by Dr. Julia Malchow so fascinating that I would like to tell you about.” Interested in the Internet find the complete travel report under: travel about Dr. Julia Malchow the Munich offers with their company, founded in 2006 mavia soul travel customized adventure vacation with luxury appeal.

They kidnapped an unforgettable experience to places where not everyone has been arranged and establishes contact with locals. To plan the perfect trip, take time before she can say for sure what landscape of customer needs. Travel for them goes far beyond the simple holiday making, it should touch the soul and personally bring us further.

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