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Professinelles Team Management. (96)

Groups need also a vision (soft facts), not only technology and money for their efficiency! In the unfortunate past of confrontation, groups had a corps spirit (we feeling booth conceit): ‘One for all and all for one.’ That was enough for fanaticism and dogmatism – and took even his own life as ‘Cannon fodder.’ Meanwhile, in times of cooperation, we speak of the necessary ‘feeling’. The fail of industrial projects, such as the new Berlin airport, have next to no expertise, its reason mainly in the lack we feel, or positive group spirit and motivation! Today, in our modern lens analytical companies, our business trends by the money and product (brand) are here thought (mechanistically) and everyone has to subordinate themselves to the! Groups have a bi-directional, from the inside to the outside and from outside inwards. Members criticize them closer together, as always against pressure generated external pressure. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as cornell capital by clicking through. That’s why anchored people are in groups so hard to teach, or to convert. Simultaneously manipulating her to world then increased: attack as best defense. Note: Continually modified to only our digital rational brain share (further education or forgotten). Our emotional range remains unchanged.

We do so for life such as Fred and Wilma Feuerstein and Albert Einstein! Note: We choose always emotionally (analog) and justify then rational (digital)! We feeling: Cohesion describes the phenomenon of the internal cohesion of a group. The conditions under which an individual causes look, long time member of a group to be or to remain, is called cohesion factors. Those can be for example planned or current activities and goals of the Group and the individual needs of these activities, the attractiveness of a group or also interpersonal attractiveness, mutual preferences between individual members of the group or even simply groups pride. In particular the attractiveness of Group task private / leisure, hobby, profession will be responsible for the relationship between cohesion and power.

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