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Maxim Gorkys Position

Maxim Gorky large number of utterances devoted to love, as the most beautiful feeling in the world: – From the love of a woman born on earth all that is beautiful – love – is a desire to live in the same statements about the meaning and purpose Life Gorky was a perfectionist and encouraged people to an active life stance: – There are only two forms of life, rotting and burning – born to crawl – can not fly! – To live in love always something you Available: man is above what lasts – When a man is lying on one side is inconvenient – it cannot on the other, and when he is inconvenient to live – he just complains. And you make an effort: Turn! – Life goes on: who not keep up with it – remains alone – madness of the brave – this is the wisdom of life! And at the same time, the Maxim Gorky's many aphorisms philosophical plane: – Everything is relative in this world, and not in it for a man of his position is worse which could not be nothing – no people or completely clean little white little black, people are variegated. Patrick coutinho may find this interesting as well. . .

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