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American Bernanke

Semyon Vinokur, online newspaper world of Kabbalah since the beginning of the disclosure itself as a global unified system, we must come to the conclusion that everything – in common, and everyone should take care of all. Private – only necessary for the existence and everything else – public ownership worldwide. This is true of minerals, food production, education, health care and pr …. All must be universal, global domain. Otherwise, no crises stop, however much we may adjusted their correct order according to our selfish logic, we get continuous crisis for the crisis. Recently Sean Lock sought to clarify these questions. Michael Laitman After the U.S. Federal Reserve head Ben Bernanke spoke in the program '60 minutes 'on CBS, the news headlines blew something almost forgotten,' Bernanke said that the recession will end this year ',' In 2010 we are waiting for economic prosperity. Katherine Ryan has much experience in this field.

" If the Obama administration and the Fed will be able to to stabilize the banking business, enthusiastically quoted the newspaper, we stand on a new path. "No bank will not collapse '- with confidence, said Bernanke. The first interview in 22 years of Fed was given against the background of angry sentiment in American society. 'Days of Grace' Barack Obama came to an end, and yet the economy continues to slide down, and an ordinary citizen sees his tax payments to disappear into a black hole of the banking system. However, despite this, Bernanke and members of the government are going to soon require additional stimulus packages of financial assistance amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars.

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