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If you have a heart of Explorer and adventurer, full of desire and curiosity for new cultures, come and browse our and delve into an addictive world of travel in the beautiful and exciting South America adventures. Our experience makes us specialists in the management of small groups, and this way to maximize the experiences of travel of each of our clients. We strive to the maximum to teach you the true South America, the truth of each place we visited, taking contact with local people, their stories and their cultures, respecting the environment, taking you to the heart of every destination, meeting local people that calls these places home. About Journey Experience after spending almost ten years traveling throughout South America, us a group of experienced and intrepid travelers decided to return home, to realize a vision that was removing us sleep in recent years, which was to create our own company travel, but with a single conviction of making a true difference!. We don’t want to practise a tourism irresponsible and selfish, we want to make this a sustainable, sustainable and socially responsible activity and us as a company using sustainable, environmentally friendly procedures with the environment and with the people. We are committed to minimise polluting emissions that generate our trips, also by that value most small hotels, local tour operators, we promote that more people will benefit from this activity, we make sure that all our service providers work with fair prices and not at the expense of the exploitation of workers and environmental degradation, this way we also ensure that you most of the money that you pay will reinvest in the same places to visit them, and thus were able to revitalise and improve the living conditions of the local people. We firmly believe that traveling opens the mind to people, makes us more tolerant with yourself and with his neighbor, teaches us values and respect towards our fellow human beings and also wanting to care for and protect most this place is our home called Earth. We know that you due to the fact of moving us to reach our destination places, we generate a certain amount of CO2, and to compensate and minimize this impact somewhat, our commitment is to the plant a certain amount of trees for every person who travel with us, do this in our project for the protection and conservation of Monterosa, and likewise in the Andean Community of Ccaccaccollo.

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