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Immunity Has A Cyclist On The Road?

Bicyclists grumble on car drivers, but who is really the culprit? I’m car driver for many years and just as long I’m even watching how some cyclists on the road. You can hear only motorists against the poor riders is as reckless. But cyclists have Narrenfreiheit? I notice that every day on the cyclists are hardly on traffic rules, why also? Cyclists are yes no cars! Dalton! Cyclists must exactly so stuck to them like everyone else too. But I say 30 percent of cyclists make perhaps even roughly speaking. I count now just a few points on which I am living day every day on the streets of Hesse where I work as a rescue service staff. Cyclists do not have actually at a red light? But of course, cyclists must keep on a red traffic light, but only one stops of 10 cyclists, the rest going about it just turn on the lights. Why even keep nooo I don’t have Yes No number plate. HA HA HA.

False thought! You will drive caught the red on the lights of the police then get as licence prohibition as every motorist also of course only if you have one. It is normal that cyclists on the road driving although the community have spent lots of money on a bike path? Again and again I, the cyclists who use road though, next to it a nail-new cycle path has been built from the city see. Why are cyclists not on the bike path if there is? No as it meanders past rather attached to the cars and caused another drink because the road is too narrow for the overtake. Must it go its still side by side a group of cyclists on the road? Also always happy to seen cyclists in the Pack driving side by side, the group which can motorists behind them only with effort because past go. Why should you go because in a row? The road is there for all, or? Can you see what you want, I can’t find it right. That were just now this does not mean just a few examples but I like no cyclists. but I think this problem is everywhere and it’s simply not OK that is complained that behave ruthlessly against cycling on the driver. I have done! Angelo D Alterio

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