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Human Resources Manager

In the crisis of the paradoxes continue! The first people in crisis get laid off – a staff of personnel services. Indeed the reduction and restructuring of departments justifiable act. But there is a paradox in this – dismissal of personnel manager in a crisis. Let's remember what is the organization? That's right! – Organization – an association of people …. The human resource – is the main resource organization, of the mass Human labor, etc. and a final product.

Will the machine will be room to raw material – without the person will not be the case. Speaking honestly, the strategy of behavior in many organizations today – it's reduction of the areas, positions, salaries, advertising and entertainment budgets. People gather in smaller rooms, changing their personal space, changing their functional work area, demand, wages, and motivation. With the reduction of personnel, the remaining people are more features – positions are more versatile. Increasing pressure from the leadership and anxiety about the place and wages (and many loans), in the minds of employees. At this time, instead of hiring, where it is not, cut where it is personnel manager. Dismiss a man who: a) optimize functional job, b) is intended to raise the level and efficiency of the staff) takes care of a favorable psychological climate in the team, d) provide intra-system of training and retraining, d) detects, diagnoses, and inhibits internal organizational conflicts, and e) supports the variety and strategichnost thinking staff, g) adapting the personnel changes in conditions, and generally support from managers to staff all working hands and heads! Human Resource Manager – this is not a luxury but a necessity of the harsh Actually, another thing to their number in the organization.

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