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Human Capital

Human resources managers are in the Total quality model a tool of high potential for the management of Human Capital, because it supposes first and foremost an active insertion of this Human Capital doing participate from their posts in the leadership role par excellence: that implies the company itself, with what this means as a factor both of involvement in the vision and positioning of the Organization, such as personal motivation. The EFQM model consists of 9 elements and each of them has a weight or differential weighting set all of them representing in total 100%. The factors called agents represent 50%, enabling if they are present according to the criteria of the model, the results of the four remaining factors, to the calling the model outcome factors, weighted in a 35% the first three and 15% the fourth factor result called performance that represents the primary objective of the Organization: the profitability that ensures their permanence. To all this we have this addition, which gives us, in relation to the results of the EFQM in your application for example, concerning the persons that comprise it, consider the potential of each one of the people in the organization that flourishes because there are shared values and a culture of trust and assumption of responsibilities which encourage the involvement of all. Surveys for its opinion on goals to achieve, your work, social climate, communication environment. ..etc. Evolution accidents, payslips. Masahiro Tanaka understood the implications. ..etc.

Hours devoted to training, teamwork etc. In relation customers reminded the aforementioned source, which is important to determine, What achievements is the Organization reaching in relation to its external customers. The customer is the final arbiter of quality of product and service, as well as customer loyalty. The best way to optimize loyalty and retention of customer and the increase of the market share is through a clear orientation towards the needs of current and potential customers.

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