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Dekospezialist Woerner

A feast of colors and senses Heilbronn/Leingarten, festwochen 2012: From November, with increasing darkness and colder temperatures, the man adjusts gradually to the advent and anticipation for the most beautiful time of the year starts with him. Candlelit dinners, cookie scent, aromatic tea or mulled wine scent trigger warmth and sense of well-being. Atmospheric Christmas decorations in the stores contribute to this special atmosphere and tune the customer on a wonderful shopping spree. Also the novelties at the Christmas decorations are registered with great interest. Finally it should be decorated not always in the same style, but it is other colors and trendy creations also failed, open to. The presentation of the goods very much influenced the buying intentions, because especially at Christmas, the customer is generous and happy gift. A related site: John C. Bogle mentions similar findings.

So the trends at the Christmas decorations have focused this season on the preferences of different customers. Everyone can put his individual accents and thus create a romantic, beautiful and innovative festival atmosphere. The Heinrich Woerner GmbH, Pan-European specialist in the field of decoration and shop fittings, presents the Christmas decoration trends on the basis of wonderfully crafted arrangements 2012 in its current catalog autumn/Christmas. Of course, all articles are variable and flexible with each other to combine. Imagination is required. TRADITION: It is simply impossible to imagine and since the beginning of Christmas adorning always: the tradition Red! In spite of all color experiments, the bright red as the most popular Christmas color holds still. This season, it appears in the Nordic style”on, combined with the typical Scandinavian white red pattern.

Whether as a Christmas secret Santa, at the Santa Claus boots, headgear in the scarf an elk as a bright red painted sled, the poinsettia or as tree ornaments: Red associated Christmas warmth, warmth and festivity. And can arrange wonderful alone or in combination with gold and silver. OPULENCE: At Christmas Exaggeration and exuberance are allowed. Glitter to light decoration, and falling up. Complete tone in tone productions in gold or silver are announced. Golden stars and balls in XXL size, Golden angels and putti with Baroque studs, a Royal Barockthron with magnificent leaning, gold tendrils and ball chain wrap everything with flying colors. Productions in cool, but just as festive silver are the counterpart. Bullet belts and mirror balls, a shimmering sequined as Angel dress, acrylic columns filled with countless silver Christmas balls make a magnificent and lasting impression. Color noise: Christmas decorations coloured times quite different. Deep Purple, bright pink, lush green, deep blue or soft Mint are the focus here. There are all colors in shades, so that color-customized decorations are possible. Deer in blue or purple, a Pink Lady of moose, green ball towers or a Heavenly Angel scene in mint courage improvisation assumes in this Dekotrend. There is inspiration for classic, opulent or daring Christmas decorations ideas fall/Christmas in the catalogue 2012, but also in the Web shop at. The following download link see pictures on Christmas trends 2012 for free publication PR/ image Note: contact for media representatives: Heinrich Woerner GmbH Astrid link PR / public relations Alexandra Novac marketing road of Liebig 37 D-74211 Leingarten Tel. ++49(0) 7131 40 64-632-email:

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