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In the first years after the revival of the commodity exchanges, there was no restriction on composition of the goods. With the development of stock trading to the composition of real goods are certain requirements. By 1997, the main exchange goods were petroleum and products of its refining, ferrous and nonferrous metals, agro-industrial products. The distinctive characteristics of the goods sold on the commodity exchanges, along with massive production and consumption, free pricing, is its quality. K quality of the exchange of goods subject to special requirements.

As is well known, quality products – a set of characteristics of an object related to its ability to satisfy stated and implied needs. Quality of the goods depends on the physical, chemical and biological properties, as well as the conformity of the goods functional, aesthetic, ergonomic, economic and other requirements. Each kind of goods can be characterized in terms of its properties, quality and quality indicators. However, the goods may have useful properties, but do not have high quality. In connection with this exchange trading imposes stringent requirements on information about the quality of the goods. These requirements are: completeness of the information, its accuracy, unity in the evaluation of the quality of the goods of all participants of exchange trade. Currently, there are many sources information about product quality, but most used for stock trading following: advertising information on this product, expert opinions societies and Consumers Union, and standards. Advertising information on product quality stock trading plays an important role, as the intended purpose: to show the main advantages of this product compared to the same or attract the attention of general consumers for a new product, however, the advertising information quality of the goods, usually expressed no quantitative measure of the properties of the product, and verbal, performance.

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